Bibliophiles Anonymous

My Soul to Take - Chapters 4-6



In this episode of Bibliophiles Anonymous, we continue our discussion of My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent, the first book in the Soul Screamers series. In this episode we meet Kaylee's cousin Sophie (who is awful) and Nash's mother Harmony (who seems kind of awesome, at least at first. Nash and Kaylee's relationship starts to heat up a little, although the fun is diminished just a bit with two more mysterious deaths: one a random girl at a movie theater, the other Sophie's friend Meredith. Also, weird shadowing things. Because that's not creepy. Also, it is clear now that whatever is going on, Nash is involved up to his eyeballs. We don't know how, but we know he is. Our discussion post up at GoodReads can be found here. Be a part of the show! Email us at, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or leave comments here. We’d love to hear from you!