Mad Sounds / Honky Chat

Ep. 23: SpongeBob's Indie Cred & Literal Soapbox Preachers



The first in a pair of episodes where Mad Sounds really lives up to its name, including but not limited to: Elton John's long-forgotten disco phase, a song parody from the 60's about laundry elitism, and a spoken word compilation of a soapmaker advocating Spaceship Earth acquired on a bagel delivery. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:55 3 Weird Record Stories (Elton, Detergents, Bronner) / 37:50 Q&A CONVO: Favorite soundtracks / 55:20 WHYBLTL (Gorillaz, Lupe Fiasco) // Songs played: Elton John - Johnny B. Goode, The Detergents - Leader of the Laundromat, Gorillaz feat. DRAM - Andromeda // STAY TUNED FOR THE THRILLING CONCLUSION NEXT WEEK // Follow us on Twitter (@SpinItReviews @Viralrak), and subscribe to Spin It! Reviews on YouTube. Thanks for listening!