Thekudzoo Radio Hour

Monte Yoho, Jake Haldenwang



The KUDZOO Radio Hour welcomes another member of Southern Rock Royalty to the big program - MONTE YOHO, current and founding drummer for THE OUTLAWS. Monte has been there for the whole ride, so this is going to be a fun, history-packed conversation you DON'T want to miss! Green Grass and High Tides FOREVER! Also on the big show, we welcome back our friend and one of the hottest guitar slingers ever to pick up a Gibson, JAKE HALDENWANG. If you have not heard/seen this young man, you are truly missing out. From blues to rock, he and his band HALDEN VANG will blow your socks off and make you HAPPY you are now barefoot! What a show! Phone the neighbors, spread the word, share the link! See you on the radio!