Why Are People Into That?!

WE TOO: Selena the Stripper



“They have no stakes. We have all of the stakes.”In the latest episode of my special series on WE TOO: Essays on Sex Work and Survival, I interviewed Selena the Stripper, who wrote the book's introduction.Discussed: FKA Twigs' pole dance appropriation; who gets to use the word Heaux: sugar dating; the status value of a Birkin bag; Strippers United //Selena The Stripper is a sex worker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. After graduating from MICA in 2015, fae felt out of place in the elitist world of institutional art. Through stripping fae found financial stability and a community of incredibly strong, radically free thinking artists. Faer Instagram (@prettyboygirl) highlights faer writing and photography, but weekly exclusive content can be found on Patreon (@therealprettyboygirl). Fae is a resident author with Berlinable, a Berlin-based erotica publication. Faer podcast, Heaux in the Kneaux, is available on all platforms. // ABOUT WE TOOThis collection of narrative essays by sex workers presents a