Real-Time Flow, with Marshall Kirkpatrick



We’re excited to announce a special track at Supernova 2009: Real Time Flow, co-hosted by BT. Join us for a cutting-edge exploration of the shift from a web of static pages to real time streams of interactions.Last year, our innovative Open Flow track considered the technologies and practices that allow information to move freely between users, websites, and organizations. In the months since then, many of the ideas that were radical then have gone mainstream. At Supernova 2009, we’ll address the next step: making use of open data flows in real time.On this week's Network Age Briefing call, we'll chat with Marshall Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, and also the Lead Writer. He hails from Portland, Oregon, USA. Prior to joining R/WW in Sept 2007, Marshall was Director of Content at SplashCast Media. During 2006 he was Lead Blogger at TechCrunch.