Antoine Smith Aka Dj Night Writer

Listen to Antoine Smith's Oldies but Goodies mix (his songs, 2007-2008)



You will be listening to a music mix that we call the "Oldies but Goodies" by Antoine Smith. This young man is on an indie label through Turn On Records with Larry A. Russell, who is also the CEO of Eroica Classical Recordings. Antoine's music will be presented in genres of Alternative/J-Pop to some of you that are already familiar with his music in Jazz. This mix, out of 7 cd's are dated a couple of years back when he released his first cd in Oct. 2007 up until his wide collection of cd's in April. 2008. We have taken the liberty to hand-pick what was once considered as his highest ratings of songs from fans that started listening to his music at that particular time. But this time, we hope that you will become a fan!Sorry, there will be no chats or call-ins at this time.