Nancy Monson

Understanding the Deeper Process and Purpose of the Midlife Passage with Everyday Spirituality Co-host Nancy Monson



Midlife can bring unexpected life events that create turmoil. Coupled with the physical changes that many women experience, it is a time that can throw them into a feeling of confusion, helplessness and frustrationmade even more difficult when old ways of dealing with things no longer seem to work. Motivationsthat used to carry a woman through tough times give way to deeply buried longings from an earlier time.The truth is there is a deeper process unfolding at the very essence of a womans beingher soul is calling her, urging her, to awaken to her true purpose and live her hearts deepest desire. During this episode, Dr Pat and Nancy will be exploring how this passage unfolds and what women can do to supportthemselves to awaken to their soulspurpose.