Why Are People Into That?!

Fancy Feast : Burlesque pt1



“I don’t experience my naked body as inherently erotic. It’s my body, and I like it. It has so much more to do for me with the glamour and the transgression. That’s the part where I’m comfortable and excited. Burlesque was the first time I ever saw an exalted fat body.” Fancy Feast joins me for a talk about the art of burlesque. But first we discuss her Jewish Currents piece about identity fetishism and what kind of Jewish-themed porn she would make. Her act called 50 Shades of Oy Vey is a great segue into a discussion of the money she’s put into big rhinestone, why she’s not body positive, and whether good girls can do burlesque. Pt 2 coming soon! // Fancy Feast is a burlesque performer, sex educator, and writer. She holds the title of Miss Coney Island 2016 and is the recipient of the Revolutionary Award at the 2017 New York Burlesque Festival. She is a 2018 New Jewish Culture fellow. She has performed nationwide at venues including the Whitney, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Opera, and the Burl