Ocean Currents Radio Program

1st half: Ocean heat waves link to whale entanglements: future management implications and 2nd half: Can Albatrosses work as defacto law enforcement on the high seas?



1st half of show: Dr. Jarrod Santora of NOAA of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center talks about the cascading effects of a marine heatwave on whale prey, whale feeding, Dungeness crab season and whale entanglements and discusses new tools and collaborations to proactively address future marine heatwaves to minimize negative impacts to species. On the 2nd half of the show Dr. Melinda Connors, a conservation ecologist at SUNY Stony Brook discusses the amazing information bio loggers placed on albatrosses can tell us about not only their lives, but about activities on the high seas. Could they be defacto law enforcement on the high seas?