Dinner With A Side Of Culture

Dinner with a Side of Culture: Episode 4



For those of you on the go we have also created a short recap of the episode and you will also be able to join the conversation with additional conversation on the Create Your City Facebook Page. Thank you for listening. Create Your City Presents: Dinner with a Side of Culture is a new podcast experience brought to you by Jack Bonney (owner of Center for Better Grooves also known as CFBG records, http://www.cfbgs.com/) as well as Ryan Saunders, founder of Create Your City, a creative lifestyle brand which focuses on small to mid sized cities and the use of music, art, technology and transportation for the purpose of revitalization.This particular episode covers the topic of transportation more specificially. Ryan Saunders has utilized his Create Your City platform to create momentum behind public transportation in the city where we are headquartered Greensboro, NC. The plan is to develop special event routes, express routes and cross town connectors as well as incorporated bus routes and hours for night time