Dinner With A Side Of Culture

Dinner with a Side of Culture Episode 6



This episodes was primarily curated by co-host Jack Bonney, owner of CFBG records (Center for Better Grooves). After many years as a passionate live music fan, record store owner and booking many live shows himself, he decided to team up with Ryan Saunders, Founder of Create Your City to find out why people will pay $10 to go to the movies but expect music to be free? Thank you to Phillip Pledger (Founder of Phuzz Phest), Atiba Berkley (Higher Underground Productions) and Wade Gabel (Owner of River Twist and Gabel's, Jamestown, NC) Also a special thank you to Elizabeth Gibbs and Small Potatoes for once again providing us an awesome Dinner and we provide the culture. Thank you for listening to Dinner with a Side of Culture.