Mencari )))bunyian Elektrik((( Podcast

Back to the 80's



The 80's vibes can be felt on street. In the spirit of the moment, I've decided to dig around the archive and the web for any local interrelated electronica to the 80's. Firstly a track 'Komputer Muzik' from Fransisca Peter that not quit seems to fit in most of her album (it was never intended to be an electronica music) but the 80's music vibe and the presence of Kraftwerks are an undeniable influence. Secondly, leaping to year 2000, 2005 to be exact. One of the Malaysian godfather of electronic music: Syko G, have released an album called 'Rave-Olusi', its a double cd packed with 'pedas remixs' and an original of several top malaysian artist back in the 80's and late 80's. In this podcast, i'm previewing one my (nostalgic) tracks by Syko G remixs upon 'meniti titian usang by Search'. And lastly, a track by Hotbutter called 'Popcorn' (originally composed by Moog godfather - Gershon Kingsley, used as the intermission & intro by TV Pendidikan Malaysia.