Mixchemistry: House Music Podcast

Classic Summer Sounds



This mix was done the old fashioned way... It's a straight turntable mix...No Ableton, No Serato, No Mp3's, No Wav files, nada... it's clean, it's simple and to the point. I wanted to post this piece to demonstrate some performance skills and pay homage to the old turntable media. I miss the roundness of vinyl, I miss the warmth of its sound, I miss the fidelity it produces, but honestly, I don't miss the price tag of the vinyl format. I remember dropping hundreds of dollars monthly just to put together a decent set... Thankfully those days have gone by the wayside, and putting together smart sets don't cost as much anymore. To further add, production vehicles such as Ableton, have allowed us to put our OWN music in our mixes... NOW that I like even more! Be sure to check the show out the 2nd week of February 2007 as there will be a new Ableton produced down-tempo mix uploaded. In the meantime enjoy this classic summer mix circa 2004 Cheers! Track Listing: Telemark & Kudra Owens: I Feel Alright (Dub