Mixchemistry: House Music Podcast

Funky Beat Astronaut



Yes... it's been a while since I've posted a mix, but I haven't been asleep at the wheel! First and foremost I want everyone to know that they can follow me on various platforms on the World Wide Web: -- http://soundcloud.com/mixchemist -- http://mixcrate.com/mixchemist -- http://mixcloud.com/mixchemist -- @mixchemist on Twitter There are a good number of mixes posted out there (this one included) which you can stream or download in High Quality (@320K), so do it... you know you want to! Let's get down to business... Funky Beat Astronaut is a funky mixture of "street" House with a hint of disco and a peppering of breaks. I toiled with remixing/editing the track arrangement for about a week before I dropped them in Ableton to mix & mash up. If you are familiar with the tracks selected in the play-list, you'll noticed I shorten them, and in some cases completely re-arrange tracks to preserve flow in the set. Concept-wise, I wanted to create a polished structured energy for this studio mix, and I think th