Mixchemistry: House Music Podcast

Liquid Groove



The Liquid Groove studio mix project allowed me to delve deeper into re-fix editing within Ableton Live. This time around, I relied heavily on edit re-arrangements which helped me re-shape the mix to give more flexibility and artistic expression creating a unique overall feel of the set. The peaks and valleys within the mix are a byproduct of the arrangement process which was constructed to reflect a more poetic foundation inherent within my musical mind's eye thus allowing the listener a harmonic connection to the overall flow. The track selections carry themselves into each other with each drop and break down to eventual build up. I managed to dial the BPM tempo down to a more chill groovy house vibe which allowed for more deepness to come through. With this said, the project continues to maintain the digital jackin funk that has been prevalent in my current personal taste these days. That is to say, the styles represented in this mix capture the essence of what I currently produce, or of what I currently