Love Space




Welcome back to the LOVE SPACE!!! This week, we're going to kiss and make up. During ESTRANGEMENT Part 1 & 2, some of us had to cry. We all learned to respect the power of love. Now, again, we are reunited. But, before we turn off the lights, fellas, make sure your lady can confidently say, "He loves me!" Ladies, intoxicate him with your feminine wiles and leave him with a love hangover. Men, always remember a woman's worth. A real woman will have you confessing, "You make me better." Women, remember that it's not all about YOU. Guys and gals, real love is unselfish. So, let your honey know all that you would give if this world were yours. This is CiMa's recipe for RECONCILIATION. Photo from the DraMAma short film "Redeemed."