Love Space

Love Space - REMINISCE



So good to have you back in the LOVE SPACE!!! Come on and get cozy as we reminisce about the loves we've had. Remember when it was new and exciting? Ahhh...the ecstasy of being crazy in love. What about when the love high wore off, and we found out just who could stand the rain? Still, we thought it would last always and forever. Love was scary, though...felt like we were out on a limb. Some of us ran scared and left our love pleading, "Talk to me, baby. Please stay." Sadly...we gave up on love. And we had the nerve to think we were over it...until we heard love was loving somebody new. Then, we wanted desperately to talk, but there was nothing to say except, "Congratulations." But inside, our hearts still burned with the fire and desire of that lost love...sniff sniff... Tito, please pass me a tissue. Love, CiMa xoxoxo (Photo by M. Burton Photography)