Love Space

Love Space - JOURNEY



It feels great to be back inside the LOVE SPACE!!! With the passing of another birthday, I've been reflecting upon my life's JOURNEY...where I've been, where I am and where I want to go. So, I've enlisted some family and friends to help me take inventory. I also found an old diary of mine and read it cover to cover. In this episode, I'll share some of the insights I've received. One thing I've learned to say again and again is, "I'll trust you, Lord." I've also been evaluating my relationships and thanking God for those who truly love me and have my best interest at my Mama. Thinking about all her love and support makes me say, "Isn't she lovely?!?" I know you all feel me, because we all wanna be loved. To those who still haven't found what they're looking those holding out for a hero...keep the faith. One day, you'll get the chance to love somebody and to show how deep is your love. I may not have everything I dream of, but I love my life....and can still imagine me exactly where I want