Love Space




This week, CiMa's gonna set you free in the LOVE SPACE!!! The celebration continues with a HOUSE party. No, not a basement jam...but House music all episode-long. So, be ready to move your body, as I share my devotion for the music that allows you to release your inhibitions and sweat away all your cares. I'm not talking someday...TODAY, right now! Feel the unity on the dance floor. You must break for love. You are free to be you, I am free to be me. Full freedom as our bodies are trapped inside the beats. I'll house you, and you'll love it. Come quickly into my house. Everyone, around the world, follow me to the place of peace and joy...where a french kiss leads to a love we dance amongst the clouds and the stars!!! Love, CiMa xoxoxo Author Marcus Reeves: Marshall Jefferson: Ce Ce Rogers: Marshall J