Love Space

Love Space - SNOWDAY



Hurry, hurry into the Love Space. Don't let too much cold air in as you enter. Don't mind me, but I may stay snuggled up in my warm bed. That's not cold-blooded! I saved you a comforter, pillow and place on the couch. Sure, sure, grab your honey. Tell him/her, "I need you all day and tonight. It's a cuddle emergency, and I need you bad!" Me? Oh, don't worry about me. I may not have a cuddle-partner, but here in the Love Space, you're all I need to get by. Really...seriously...I don't need...ok, well...I don't want...ummm...please just hold me. (sniff sniff) Just kidding! Come on and let's dance! We're gonna ignite this party with the disco heat. It may be cold outside, but inside the Love Space, we sure do know how to light a fire. Now, feel it...enjoy it...the fire and desire. Love, CiMa xoxoxo