Love Space

Love Space - RAINSHINE



Come, come! Get warm and dry inside the Love Space- RAINSHINE. Everyone's talking about the same subject...didn't it rain hard today? Can you stand it? Or are you one of those people who wishes it would rain? I know some who are into purple rain. I think we all want a little love rain in our lives. I love to fall asleep to the lullaby of the rain. For some, the rain is a slow groove that sets the mood for making love. I bet they don't mind comes the rain! But enough is enough! No more rain! In the Love Space, you are my sunshine...the sunshine of my life! It may be raining, but we'll submerge til we become the sun. Then, we'll make sure everyone always has a pocketful of sunshine. Yes! We'll keep the world walking on sunshine. Chant with me, now! Sun, sun, SUN! Love, CiMa xoxoxo