To The East My Brother

Episode 43 - Doing Business in China - Part 3: Providing a Specialized Service to a Minority Group



In this our 3rd and final part on 'Doing Business in China', we interview Ms. Bryonie Richards, owner of Studio Ebony. This episode focuses on how to establish a successful business that caters to an already small subset of a minority group. Proving hair care services primarily to Black people, however also being able to cater to other demographics. We speak on the importance on relationship development with the local Chinese in order to smoothly navigate through the complicated process of opening a business, the research required to be able to understand and anticipate the market, and how to create an environment comfortable for your key staff. For more information on Studio Ebony, you can contact on Wei Xin (We Chat): 13816907454 Also, we are now of Facebook!! Search for 'To The East My Brother' and like us!!