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DiWCast (Episode #056) by Lev Goldfarb



Deep inside World - Ep. #56 by Lev Goldfarb (Cosmos Music) Jesus Party on The Sky! Release 08-07-16 Genres: Deep/Tech/House Lev is a DJ that makes his own contribution to the Tel-Aviv underground scene. You can find him spinning music in a wide range of genres from funky Chicago house beats to atmospheric Techno sounds at the best parties around the city. Lev grew up around music. From an early age he found his passion in electronic sounds and started collecting and playing electronic dance music. In 2004 Lev starts spinning records obsessively, developing a true love for ‘Chicago House’ music and following master DJs like Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and many more. These days he is a part of Cosmos group by playing high quality music, organising & promoting musical events in Tel-Aviv. Learning sound engineering and production came naturally and Lev is developing continuously his skills in the studio. Lev: @ Track List: Use Shazam Please :] Links