Klark Kennt Podcast Berlin

Ronny Gee (Mar|2018)



It is Sunday the 18th of March 2018 and K K Podcast Berlin presents Ronny Gee from Lübbenau, Germany. Ronny Gee moves for a long time through the clubs in Brandenburg/Germany and yet he is a real hot insider tip. Used to be a friend of the hard styles, the 4 / 4 beat, drives it him now to the shifting sides of the music. But still, he does never lose his home from his ears and plays that, what he likes! Whether from the good old days or fresh from the vinyl-press, he really knows how to combine th...e styles. As head and mastermind of the Party-Crew -Sound of East Side-, he always understood it over years to assembly the crowd around him and is one of the few “good old guys”, who still accompany the scene of Brandenburg and present to an honest and consistent sound. In his room for plates he have the finest vinyl beads, most of the sound-proof music collectors are the envy of his own. He send the consumers deep and floating through his sets and takes them on a musical journey. The reason was for him the year