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#7: Tom Talks... North Korea, with Manpreet Abrol



In this episode, I talk with Manpreet Abrol about North Korea. Our conversation is wide-ranging, and provides a lot of historical context to make sense of the ongoing international tensions with North Korea's nuclear program. We discuss: North Korea's founding as a nation; the living conditions of citizens living under the North Korean dictatorship; how the North Koreans came to acquire nuclear weapons; and the complicated international furore that surrounds North Korea's nuclear capabilities. Ultimately, we try to answer: should we be worried?   Manpreet Abrol is a Masters graduate from the University of Western Ontario, with much of his research focusing on the history of North Korea and its nuclear weapons program. He has been published in Peace magazine, and has given seminars on North Korea too. He is also a graduate from the University of Toronto in the field of political science and international relations.   ---   If you enjoyed this content, subscribe on iTunes and Youtube, and visit thomaserandall.c