Klark Kennt Podcast Berlin

Technic aka NIC TECH (Feb|2017)



It is Sunday the 05th of February 2017 and K K Podcast Berlin presents Technic aka NIC TECH from Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany. In the early 90th Nic Tech discovered the dance-scene. In Germany it was the time by temporal climax of Techno and electronic sound. She loves to be part of Techno Festival Heads, cause of the music, the crowd, the atmosphere. A special experience for her was to be one of 1.6 Mio. Technoheads in the year 1998 at Loveparade in Berlin, to see the Techno Masses in Motion. Her favorited Techno party surroundings were e. g. the Club Palazzo in Bingen (she was one of the Techno Heads at the Closing Party 22.02.-22.03.2003), Sven Väths Club Omen (also one of the masses of Techno Heads at Closing Party 18.10.1998), the Club U60311 in Frankfurt, Stammheim Kassel (DJ Piere and Marky, Aufschwung Ost) and banging Club Tresor in Berlin. In the past, like until today, music is her necessity of life. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, music is her motive. For her, music is one of the perfect th