From Sheep to Sweater

How does sheep's wool turn into cozy clothing? Follow each step in the production cycle—from shearing a sheep to pulling on a warm sweater—in this fascinating book!

From Cotton to T-Shirt

How does cotton turn into a soft T-shirt? Follow each step in the production cycle—from growing cotton to wearing a comfy shirt—in this fascinating book!

From Wood to Baseball Bat

How does a piece of wood become a brand-new baseball bat? Follow each step in the process—from cutting the wood to shipping the bat to a store—in this fascinating book!


Winter, spring, summer, and fall—the seasons are one of natures most familiar cycles. But why does the weather change? Learn why weather patterns change over the seasons.


Hibernation is a cycle that some animals go through every year. Most people know that bears hibernate. But why do they hibernate? And what other animals hibernate?

The Story of a Baseball Bat It Starts with Wood

How does a tree become a baseball bat? First, a tree is cut into logs. Then logs are cut and shaped. Next a machine carves them. Then the bat is sanded. Follow the process step by...

Let's Make a Bar Graph

Nan surveys her class to find out what types of pets they have. See how she creates a bar graph to share her results.

How Can I Help? A Book About Caring

What is the best way to cheer up a friend? How can you help if your mom or dad is grumpy? What can you do to make a classmate feel more included? You care about your family,...

Am I a Good Friend? A Book About Trustworthiness

What if a friend asks you to share a secret? Is it ever okay to tell? Can you sometimes lie to stay out of trouble, or is it better to be completely honest? It's not always easy...

From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate

How does a cocoa bean turn into tasty chocolate? Follow each step in the food production cycle—from planting cocoa trees to eating a sweet treat—in this fascinating book!

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