The Adventure of the Priory School A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Motivated by greed and jealousy, the criminal in this classic Sherlock Holmes mystery aims to kidnap a young lord--but causes a far greater tragedy.

The Adventure of the Three Students A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

A locked room that contains a university exam has apparently been broken into. Holmes is called in. With very few clues remaining, can he find the cheaters?

The Adventure of the Second Stain A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The Prime Minister comes to Holmes in the matter of a document stolen from the dispatch box, was kept at home in Whitehall Terrace when not at work. If divulged, this document...

The Adventure of the Copper Beaches A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Out of work for so long, the woman takes a position with a family even though they have very strange requirements. Behind the locked door the secret is kept. When does money...

The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

A young music teacher is terrorized by the mysterious figure who follows her as she bicycles. She appeals to Holmes, who is very nearly too late to save her from a monstrous fate.

The Adventure of the Lion's Mane A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Covered in grotesque wounds, he staggered toward Holmes, shrieked, "the Lion's Mane," and died on the spot. The seaside was tranquil no longer.

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Can Sherlock Holmes solve this complex mystery of international politics, deceit, and, of course, murder?

The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

A very valuable coronet is damaged and almost stolen. The apparent thief is caught red-handed, or was he the thief? Holmes does not think so. Who wanted to steal the coronet and...

The Adventure of the Illustrious Client A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

When the daughter of General de Merville falls under the spell of a notorious criminal, the strong soldier becomes a broken man. At the request of an anonymous client, Sherlock...

The Adventure of the Norwood Builder A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Behind a great mansion lie ashes that smell of rotting flesh. The wealthy owner has suddenly disappeared after a visit by his new heir.

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