Cuentos insólitos (Strange Stories)

Praised for its imagination, this collection delights with unexpected endings.

Cuentos rusos (Russian Stories)

Chekhov ("Excessive Caution" and "Beggar), and Turguenev (The Rural Doctor) are among the most famous Russian writrs. Three stories: the first one wil make you laugh; the second,...

Panico (Panic)

Forster's first short story by the well-known British writer, whose fiction has often been adapted to film. Rodolfo Walsh, author of our "Shadow of a Bird" is the Spanish...

El Siglo de Oro: Culteranismo (Góngora) y conceptismo (Quevedo)

Selections and biographical sketches of Luis de Góngora and Francisco de Quevedo, best-known authors in their fields.

El Siglo de Oro: La poesía (Poetry)

Includes critical essays and biographical data within a historical context.

El Siglo de Oro: El Teatro — Lope, Tirso y Calderón (Theater)

Selections, bios of well-known plays by Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina and Calderón de la Barca (e.g. "Life is a Dream")

El Siglo de Oro:La mística (Mysticism)

La Mistica is a collection of the life and works of a sampling of "Mystical" writers from Spain's literary Golden Age. This audiobook includes biographies and selections of Fray...

El Siglo de Oro: Cervantes

Bio of Cervantes and selections from Don Quijote and several of his fictional work.