Get Into Sport: In the Swim Episode 2

The pool is a great place to turn for relief from the stresses inflicted on your body by a tough workout on dry land

Get Into Sport: Join the Club Episode 20

Meet new buddies, get help with motivation and ride new routes…we look at the benefits of belonging to a cycling club.

Get Into Sport: Beat any Hill Episode 16

Going Up? We talk hill climbing training and technique with four national champions.

Get Into Sport: Top of the Class Episode 9

We meet five top coaches to find out what gives their workout the edge

The Old Testament

Here are the greatest and best-loved stories from the Old Testament of the Bible, stories which can be read as much for their human, literary and historical appeal as for their...

Get Into Sport: What Do I Need Episode 13

Here's a guide ot the basic riding wardrobe, tools and accessories you need to keep smoothly spinning the miles

Get Into Sport: Find Your Feet Episode 14

Upgrading to clipless pedals can make a huge difference to your riding, but before you set foot in a bike shop we give you the lowdow on on the advantages and the pitfalls

Voices of All-Time Baseball Greats

Hear the voices of all-time baseball greats, including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Carl Hubbell, Johnny Vander Meer, and broadcaster Mel Allen. Also, includes the radio call of...

Poésies, contes et nouvelles du Québec / Poems, stories and news from Quebec

Découvrez, grâce à l’extraordinaire talent de Jean Faubert et de Ghislaine Paradis la richesse de l’expression de la langue des écrivains et poètes du Québec. Un trésor...

The New Testament

The New Testament tells the extraordinary and moving story of the life of Christ and the founding of his Church. This generous selection from the texts which lie at the root of...

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