Abbott and Costello: Drugstore

Abbott and Costello talk about Lou being at Susan Miller's house. They decide to get a job in a drugstore. Bud is the assistant manager. Lou waits on several customers. Veola...

Abbott and Costello: Featuring Alan Hale

Guests Sally Eilers and Alan Hale join Abbott and Costello at the circus. Costello is the target at a baseball throwing concession, then wrestles Alan Hale.

Abbott and Costello: Lou's Christmas Party

Lou is planning to throw a Christmas party, but no one wants to come.

Abbott and Costello: Marriage

Bud talks about Lou getting married. Bud thinks Lou should get married....but to whom?

Abbott and Costello: Lou Wants to Join the Circus

Costello wants to join the circus. Abbott loses his place in the script.

Abbott and Costello: Pet Shop Old Time Radio Shows

Abbott and Costello are running a pet shop and Lou brings in a dog. Costello waits on customers. Mrs. Niles brings in a dog for AC to take care of. Lou goes to get a license for...

Abbott and Costello: Running a Newspaper

An excellent story about the last voyage of an old freighter, her sick captain, and the strange Dr. Percival. You are trapped aboard an ill-fated ocean liner, captained by a dying...

Abbott and Costello: Costello's Big Inheritence

Abbott and Costello were an American comedy duo composed of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, whose work on radio and in film and television made them the most popular comedy team of...

Abbott and Costello: Christmas Show

Costello tells a Christmas story and meets Santa Claus! The boys trim the tree. Santa drives Fogdeer (not reindeer, this is California!).

Abbott and Costello: Featuring Benny Rubin Old Time Radio Shows

Lou got a black eye from a date. Lou's running for dog catcher. Lou is becoming an artist. Susan is mad at Lou since he went out with another girl. Bud wants some new ideas for...

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