Cyber Wars - The Black Chamber

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The fight for global supremacy in the post-Covid world is just beginning
Just as America is recovering from the coronavirus recession its key industries come under attack from cyber terrorists.
FBI Special Agent Declan Lehane is leading the fight in this new kind of war. Trouble is, he's got to fight inter-agency politics, the establishment elite and his own personal prejudices as he tracks down the hackers and tries to discover the real power behind them.
Meanwhile, China has its own bag of problems. Its relentless economic growth was flattened by the pandemic and dissent against Communist rule is growing.
Party member Hue Wing lives a double life as a pro-democracy activist. Working for Internal Security, Wing knows his country's Achilles’ Heel is the Great Firewall of China. The world’s largest censorship system is the Party’s greatest asset but if it falls, the Party will fall with it. Can he somehow bring it down?
Lehane and Wing are sitting on the solution to each other’s problem. If only they knew it.


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