The Price of Fame

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The winter doldrums are just settling over Acorn Hill when a movie crew comes to scout out locations for an upcoming film. The director wants Grace Chapel to be the setting for a pivotal scene, and the town itself is a perfect backdrop for the film. While some residents are thrilled about the income the shoot will bring, and some want to star in the picture, others are less certain that the disruption will be welcome, and a director with a nefarious reputation doesn't help. Can the town keep from becoming star struck long enough to make a wise decision? Meanwhile, Alice and Louise fear losing Jane when she is offered a place on a nationally syndicated cooking show. Louise learns how to handle an over-zealous piano student, and a guest draws all the sisters unexpectedly into a new pastime. Soon, the Howard sisters and the people of Acorn Hill will have to decide if the price of fame is worth paying.