Checking Out Online Ecommerce, Cart Selection & Merchant Accounts

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In today's global economy, eCommerce has become an increasingly essential part of any business strategy. What that means to you is that you can start a business with less capital and you stand a greater chance for success than ever before. But whoops! - did you overlook something? Your customers can only make a purchase if you've got a shopping cart and a merchant account. Liv Montgomery, the eCommerce Gal artfully walks you through the steps to obtain and install an online shopping cart, along with ways you can put it to use, whether you're watching the big game on Thanksgiving or lying on a beach in Tahiti. This fun and laser-sharp program cuts through the jargon and gives you everything you need to get started - including ways to set up your business for free! Join the ranks of savvy, successful online entrepreneurs who've taken a cue from their pal, the eCommerce Gal. Get started on your online business success today.