The Parable Landslide

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Why aren’t things changing for you? You’ve written and prioritized your goals. You’re focused every day. You know you have to shift your thinking to change your results. And still, nothing is happening. Most people I’ve met around the world have this very problem. You envision some form of greater good in your life and you want change. But something just seems to keep standing in your way. To better explain the age-old solutions around this age-old problem, I’m going to tell you a parable – only this parable is not founded in fiction. You’ll learn how your mental paradigms can be compared to a house’s blueprint, why some “blueprints” aren’t ever designed to fit in your life, what happens when the “wrong blueprint” is actually implemented and built in your life, why people eventually accept the wrong blueprint in their lives, after building on the wrong blueprint - looking for these common chain reactions, where to find the blueprint that’s messing up your life, and three steps to take to eradicate the problem before the landslide occurs.