Hobson's Choice

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Willie Mossop has an uncanny ability at shoemaking, but not much else. Teamed with shrewd businesslady and daughter of the town's leading cobbler, Maggie Hobson, the couple disrupt her father's life. As they rise to success and the other Hobson daughters are married off, Willie and Maggie make the best of their situation in this delightful classic, English country comedy.

STARRING: BAIBRE DOWLING as Maggie Hobson, IAN ABERCROMBIE as Henry Hobson, JAMES LANCASTER as Willie Mossop, KATHLEEN FREEEMAN as Mrs. Wepworth, RICHARD ERDMAN as Fred Beenstock, SEAN McCLORY as Dr. MacFarlane, LINDA HENNING as Ada Figgins, ELLIOTT REID as Jim Heeler, LEON ADAMS as Albert Prosser, TOM WILLIAMS as Tubby Wardlow, CORNELIA HAYS O'HERLIHY as Vicky Hobson, FRANCISCA BEACH as Alice Hobson; AND and CART's Announcer, JOHN HARLAN.