Healing Visions

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Restore your internal balance and well-being through the power of guided imagery. Six varied visions entice your senses and soothe your mind. Music by Steven Halpern.
Track 1: Rocking Chair. Evokes comfort and peace through its soothing motion. (7:19)
Track 2: Pine Forest. Puts you in touch with your inner serenity, stability, and strength. (11:58)
Track 3: Long Lost Confidant. Provides an opportunity for loving conversation with a special person from the past. (11:56)
Track 4: Caterpillar to Butterfly. Reinforces the joy of personal growth and transformation. (9:33)
Track 5: Superpowers. Sweeps you away to a fantasy world where you discover your own magical powers. (11:08)
Track 6: Tornado. Stirs up your energy as you encounter your spiritual core. (11:47)