Leading Meetings

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These audio lessons are high production narratives designed for repeated listening to assure that you become a Meetings Master. The 8 thirty-minute lessons include: Mastering the Meeting, Part One - Meetings are a primary source of information exchange for most of us. Mastering the Meeting Part Two covers timing, time frames, and time constraints in planning your meeting. Managing Group Dynamics discusses three keys to understanding how people act & interact when they are in a group. “Planning” Meetings & Keeping Them Under Control equips you with strategies for: the committee, standing committee, and task force. Maximizing the Impact of your Presentations teaches how to structure your presentations whether you have a week, a month or an hour to prepare. Meetings Set-Up & Dealing With The Unexpected covers platform mechanics, physical set-up and layout or staging strategies. Listening Strategically - Establishing your purpose and framework for participating/leading the meeting. One-on-One Meetings - The most common meeting you experience is one to one. How to apply: Purpose, People, Complexity, Time, Place & Format to these meetings.