Passing His Guard

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Award-winning Finalist in the USA Best Book Awards' Fiction: Romance Category

Aiden "Disco Stick" Kruze walked away from it all-money, family, friends, and a successful career as a lawyer in Manhattan-to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter. When a sexy private investigator shows up at Aiden's gym, he mistakenly assumes she's a cage-banging groupie.

Ryann is determined to haul Aiden back home. She's desperate to claim the reward money that will pay off her father's creditors before the man who killed her father comes to collect from her.

Aiden is done living his life under the microscope of being a senator's son. He's not going back to New York-ever-and there's nothing this tenacious redhead can do about it. Or is there?

When the demons of Aiden's past catch up with him, he realizes the lies, deception, and betrayal run deeper than he ever imagined. Aiden must put his career and his life on the line to save the woman who's stolen his heart.


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