Gettin' Old Ain't For Wimps Inspirations and Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Bursting with wit and wisdom, these lighthearted, real-life stories, insightful Scriptures, and heartfelt prayers will make you chuckle and confess, “That sounds just like me!" Popular speaker and author Karen O'Connor invites you to celebrate the joys and misadventures of getting older. Have you noticed that…

•when you can't find your glasses, they're usually on top of your head?

•the delightful honesty of youth sometimes stings?

•love still makes your heart skip a beat…or two…or three?

•every morning you breathe a prayer of thanks for another day?

•a good sense of humor makes life so much easier?

Are you ready to trade in your wimp status for a more courageous existence? Or are you still wondering what lies ahead? Gettin' Old Ain't for Wimps hilariously affirms that life will always be filled with wonder, promise,and adventure!


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