Word Fasting The Miracles Diet

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It is not the things that enter the mouth that defiles a man but the thing that proceeds from the mouth that defiles him. Matthew 15:11

One of the most basic concepts in A Course in Miracles is: Projection makes Perception. The world we see is what we make it.

We are always giving ourselves away by what we say. Therefore, we should look very carefully at the words that come out of our mouth. According to the Course, Miracles are everyone's right but purification is necessary first. The mouth can act wrongly only when it responds to mis-thought. Therefore, we should be watchful of our words. When we go on a diet, we cut out certain foods and we cut back on others. The following one hour talk discusses words we can completely eliminate from our vocabulary and other words we can cut back on. Cutting back and/or eliminating certain words from our vocabulary will enable us to align our mind more perfectly with the Mind of God. We'll feel better about ourselves and others will respond to us in a more positive frame of mind. Our job is to focus on clearing up our own mistakes, not those of others. As we do, we begin to affect the other in a very subtle, non-verbal way. Actions speak louder than words.