The Perfect Murder

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Stacy Aumonier was a British writer, best known for his outstanding short stories. Nobel Prize-winner John Galsworthy described Aumonier as "one of the best short story writers of all time" and predicted that he would "outlive all the writers of his day".

Aumonier wrote over 85 short stories in his lifetime. He has been described as the "British Maupassant" owing to his captivating plots and his ability to create complex characters with just a few lines of carefully selected prose. His intensely visual prose meant his works were readily adaptable to the cinema screen, and several of his short stories were adapted by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Perfect Murder tells the story of two brothers who are perpetually on the brink of financial ruin, but are unable to prise funds from trust fund left by their uncle until after the death of their aunt. The solution is to plan the perfect murder.

The younger brother is confident that he can carry it out... and indeed, does so. With very unexpected results.