Secrets of Egypt Revealed

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Almost everything we once believed about the origins of our civilization is about to be undermined in the revelation of a lifetime.

Robert Bauval is a best selling author of numerous books and has appeared on television and radio around the world. His discovery about the pyramid complex at Giza called the Orion Correlation, made him headline news. Now in this unique film he brings to light startling new evidence regarding the very origins of civilization.

Tracing mankind's ancient roots back in time and across the landscape of Egypt and Africa, Bauval points to a remarkable site with definitive evidence that Egyptian civilization emerged from a very different origin than we are led to believe. He points to amazing knowledge about precession and astronomy previously unrecognized.

This beautiful film explores these incredible discoveries in depth and brings us up to date with the links between the Orion Correlation, the dating of the Sphinx and this new evidence. Did civilization emerge around 10,500 BC in a place we've never heard of? You decide.

Directed by award winning filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, this is an absolute must for all those interested in ancient mysteries, Egyptology and exploring the origins of our modern civilization.

Includes Special Features.