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Celina: When Celina Connelly meets Jamie McCullough, she knows right away that he's a great guy. He's handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, and treats her well . . . but it's not enough. Celina is saving herself for the all-inclusive, heart-pounding, breath-stealing kind of magic that comes with finding the right one—the kind she feels when she meets Jamie's brother, Kyle.

Jamie: Betrayed doesn't begin to describe what Jamie McCullough feels when he discovers the woman who declined his marriage proposal has accepted another's—his own brother's! Hurt and angry, Jamie finds himself in the warm and welcoming cafe of Amy's Book Shoppe.

Amy's been attracted to Jamie's All-American good looks and gentlemanly demeanor since the first time she laid eyes on him. She's all for lending a sympathetic ear from the friend zone, but Amy refuses to be a rebound. She admits she wants more—when and if he's ready.

After a bit of soul-searching (and some hilarious advice from a trio of middle-aged romance authors), Jamie finally realizes that sometimes, those lemons life gives you can make some pretty sweet lemonade.

Contains mature themes.


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