Daily Meditations for Mindfulness by Rod Watson

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Daily Meditations for Mindfulness consists of five different 20 minute guided sessions. The sessions have been created to promote and develop the two key aspects of mindfulness - awareness of the present moment and acceptance without judgment.
Awareness of the present helps us to enjoy pleasures as they arise, fully engage in all activities and develop a greater capacity to deal with challenging situations. Acceptance without judgement allows us not to worry about the small stuff, there is no need to react when things don't go our way.
The Daily Meditations for Mindfulness sessions are instructed by Rod Watson and were devised and created specifically for the audio format. Rod is a highly experienced teacher of Yoga and Meditation. He began practicing Buddhism in 1973 and Yoga in 1986. Rod has taught Meditation and Yoga classes and workshops globally. He delivers classes that are relevant and rewarding, combining elements from his personal journey into Yoga, Buddhism and Psychotherapy. His teaching is grounded in everyday reality, and provides the tools and techniques to help students accept their reality and live more fully in the present.