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KidLit Anonymous is a podcast for adults who love children's literature. Curious about that new Middle Grade book, but worried it might be too predictable? Not pack an emotional punch? Not live up to the hype? Let us check it out for you!Join us every week as we review new books, classics, and anything that's building some buzz to provide you with interesting facts about the author, the history behind the book, and unique talking points that will wow any book club.


  • KLA 3- Whichwood

    19/02/2018 Duración: 56min

    We’d never have guessed that a book about a girl who buries dead people for a living could be poetic, hopeful, and down right magical. This episode we get into how and why this book’s strong female protagonists kick butt, how having friends can make all the difference, funny animal powers and magical settings, a surprisingly gory death scene, and (not so surprisingly) how washing dead people would suck…

  • KLA 2- Wrinkle in Time

    19/02/2018 Duración: 46min

    How can a five-year-old boy be one of the coolest parts of a book about travelling through time and space? Find out this and other interesting things like: why Meg is annoying, how religion beats Communism, why Meg is annoying, that bad guys not only have brains but can be an actual brain, and why Meg is annoying, as we dive into our first children’s classic novel. We also chat about the cast and visual effects (explosions!) for the upcoming movie.

  • KLA 1- Pax

    19/02/2018 Duración: 40min

    Kid Lit Anonymous’ very first podcast! Join us as we review and discuss a simultaneously heart-wrenching and heart-warming story about a boy and his fox. We explore topics such as: the meaning of legs and eggs, how not to prepare for a 300-mile journey, and how to be manly, while diving into themes of friendship, redemption, and the costs of war.

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