The Tramp

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Penniless, homeless and virtually lifeless, the vagrant “Doughface” Jack is about to discover that where medical marvels meet the mysteries of the human mind, amazing things happen. The Tramp acquires a capability beyond his imagination and without equal on Earth.
Riding the rails, Jack runs afoul of a local sheriff and ends up with a crushed skull. He’s as good as dead until a savvy country doctor performs a bit of medical magic. Jack wakes up to find that his brain has been drastically altered. He has the power to save lives—and destroy them—with a single glance.
Will Jack use his astounding power for good ... or for evil? His journey of discovery takes him to New York and into the arms of a woman, who has a plan of her own. Together they’re bound for Washington, DC, and a psychic adventure that could change the shape of history.
The unexplored powers of the mind—along with great writing and fine acting—come together as the audio version of The Tramp takes you into a world as imaginative and thrilling as your favorite comic book.
“...a series not to be missed by any true pulp-fiction fan.” —Comics Buyers Guide


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