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  • Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

    Time Management and Personal Effectiveness


    What is most important for today’s leader: completing tasks quickly or focus and decision making? Why are we working more hours per week than ever before without greater results? Does chronic multitasking have lasting negative effects? Using time wisely is more important than ever for maximum personal effectiveness. In this Seminars@Hadley, Les Stocker, president of the Braille Institute, will discuss time management, the cost and benefit of multitasking and how to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing stress and mental strain. This hour-long seminar presentation, moderated by Hadley Senior Vice President Dawn Turco, will provide additional time for questions and answers.

  • Two Kinds of Light: Friend and Foe

    Two Kinds of Light: Friend and Foe


    Light is the way that images get into our eyes, allowing us to see. Most of us recognize that too little light makes it difficult to see or see well, but too much light or light from the wrong direction can reduce one’s ability to see just as dramatically. In this presentation, Marshall Flax, a Certified Low Vision Therapist working for the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Madison, WI, will discuss the different types of lighting and how to control lighting both indoors and outdoors. This information is useful for people with low vision, family members and professionals working in the field of rehabilitation and low vision therapy.

  • The Braille Literacy Crisis

    The Braille Literacy Crisis


    This seminar will discuss the importance of learning braille for both children and adults, including information on the value of using braille at school, home, and in the workplace. Join Hadley instructors Debbie Siegel and Susan Fisher in this frank and informative discussion.

  • Age Related Macular Degeneration: Current Research and Treatments

    Age Related Macular Degeneration: Current Research and Treatments


    Join Seminars@Hadley as we discuss research and treatment of age related macular degeneration with Lylas Mogk, MD, a well known author and ophthalmologist. She has an acute interest in the nutritional aspects of eye health and is a frequent speaker to professional audiences. This live presentation will cover basic eye concerns, nutrition, current research and treatments. Participants will have an opportunity to ask real time questions of Dr. Mogk. As always, listening to the seminar remains free of charge. Professionals interested in receiving continuing education credit will be required to successfully complete a quiz and brief survey before a certificate is issued.

  • Accessible GPS Overview and Comparison

    Accessible GPS Overview and Comparison


    Wondering about the strengths and weaknesses of GPS, the differences between the various systems or how to best integrate GPS into your wayfinding equation? Join us as Seminars@Hadley presents Accessible GPS Overview and Comparison with Mike May from the Sendero Group, which provides GPS solutions to people who are visually impaired. This 2 hour presentation- with time for questions and answers- provides the template for the trainer, teacher or user to help them evaluate GPS systems and match technology with needs and capabilities.

  • The Customer Service Frame of Mind

    The Customer Service Frame of Mind


    If you're a business owner or a customer service representative looking for a few fresh ideas, join Hadley as we present "The Customer Service Frame of Mind". Michael Rydel, the dean of curricular affairs at Hadley has over 25 years of management and training experience, and he will describe the best practices for supporting and keeping satisfied repeat customers. Phone and e-mail customer service will be discussed, as well as tips for managers of representatives. Time for questions and answers will be provided.

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