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  • Fulfilling Vision

    Fulfilling Vision


    What does it take to accomplish vision? God is not only fill us with vision but gives us the resources to accomplish them. Pastor Jeff takes time to break down the process to fullfill vision.

  • Reveal Vision

    Reveal Vision


    Vision usually starts when you don't like what you currently see. We invite you to listen to our church vision. God is clearly working and we are excited to be part of His plan! 

  • Own the Vision

    Own the Vision


    Vision usually begins with someone not satisfied with what they see. It can sometimes be frustrating not seeing change fast enough and it can also be frustrating trying to create change to quickly. Own the vision is a powerful sermon on the timing of vision and God’s way of working through vision.  You will be encouraged and challenged during this talk.

  • Easter 2019

    Easter 2019


    Easter is a wonderful time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Our Savior is so generous that even during His resurrection He gave us tremendous benefits. We encourage you to listen to this life-giving sermon and lets remember Christ's resurrection!

  • Daring to be Generous

    Daring to be Generous


    Every decision to be generous or giving brings with it at least 12 benefits: 1) it honors God; 2) it draws me closer to God; 3) it makes me more like Jesus; 4) it’s the cure for materialism; 5) it demonstrates my faith; 6) it reveals my character; 7) it brings God’s blessing; 8) it increases my happiness; 9) it increases my influence; 10) it multiplies my money; 11) it brings God’s protection; 12) it is multiplied in heaven. The Bible has more promises about giving than any other topic—even love. That’s because you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. Let’s take a closer look at six of the 12 benefits of giving.

  • Daring to wait on God

    Daring to wait on God


    Many times in life we feel like we are waiting for God – waiting for an answer to prayer, fearful to move forward without hearing from him. Yet in God’s waiting room we have to remember that there will be delay, there is an unseen battle going on, that God is preparing us for his blessing, God keeps his promises and we are in good company. While we wait we can write down the lessons we learn, act as though we already have our answer (Romans 4:17), imitate the habits that cause our faith to grow strong, and trust God instead of panicking.

  • Daring to Plant

    Daring to Plant


    God has created laws of planting and harvesting that apply not only to farming, but to every area of our lives. This law pertains to all, not just believers in Christ. It begins when we first plant a seed. Although we may not be around at the time of harvest, the seeds we sow will create a crop – for good or for ill. It all depends on what you plant. When you plant prayer, love, and kindness you get a great harvest of rewards. When you plant laziness, irresponsibility and stinginess you get a very poor harvest. Let’s talk more about the benefits of daring to plant in faith.

  • Dare to Commit

    Dare to Commit


    Your life is shaped by your commitments. We become whatever we are committed to. If we are committed to nothing... we become nothing! Many people are afraid of commitment. It  causes them to miss out on the greatest things in life! 

  • Daring to Give God my best

    Daring to Give God my best


    God tells us many times that this world is not going to last. The universe is winding down, history is moving toward a climax—Jesus Christ is coming again. The Bible has more to say about his second coming, in fact, than it does about his first. How would your life change if you used more of your time, money, and energy on what’s going to last forever?

  • What happens when you have faith?

    What happens when you have faith?


    Faith is multifaceted: it is seeing everything in the world from God’s perspective. Faith is not desire; it’s not feelings (which often get in the way of faith); it’s not bargaining with God; and it’s not pretending something untrue is really true. There is always more than one way of looking at things. Here we’ll discuss how seeing things from God’s point of view produces a faith that dispels fears and unlocks miracles and dreams.

  • The Pursuit of One Thing

    The Pursuit of One Thing


    Psalms 24:7 says, "One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.

  • The Pursuit

    The Pursuit


    Christians are called to be more than just good people. Something has happened to our pursuit of God and He is calling us back to a place of true worship. Listen and learn what a true worship is all about.

  • Remix - Revival

    Remix - "Revival"


    God is calling us higher and the pursuit of God creates environments for His presence. Listen and catch what Pastor Rolando is sharing regarding what really matters

  • Remix A Fresh Perspective

    Remix "A Fresh Perspective"


    Our friend Marlon Allen shared a powerful word on "having a fresh" perspective. Sometimes we need to allow God to move things around in our lives.

  • Who do you say I AM

    Who do you say I AM


    Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people say I am?". After some answers to the question, Jesus asks, "Who do you say I am?". During this talk we are challenged to understand how we acknowledge Christ. In other words "Who do you say Christ is?".

  • Jesus is Better!

    Jesus is Better!


    Jesus really is better than all things! We encourage you to take a moment to listen to this life-giving message about Jesus being all that we really need. 

  • Bringing the best out of your children

    Bringing the best out of your children


    Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart. Through this teaching we share some very important principles to help you raise your children according to the bible.

  • Marriage



    Today we discuss 6 reasons why God created marriage. A lot of believers don't really know "why" created marriage. This message will help you understand marriage and learn how to work through different seasons in marriage.

  • The Honor Code

    The Honor Code


    Honor means to hold in "high esteem". By working on the honor code in your family, it can really help your home life become healthier and stronger.

  • Home A Family Series

    Home "A Family Series"


    Home is where your family is. Today we start a powerful life-giving message on the topic of family. We encourage you to listen to what the bible says in regards to both our earthly family and kingdom family. Be blessed! 

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