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A confused feed hosting 2 podcasts at the moment. Mad Sounds, abiweekly music-talk/review show hosted by Mark Berman (Fully Involved) & Johnny Goens (Viralrak/Charlemagne's Menagerie), went on hiatus in early 2018. Currently, the focus is on the much more niche Honky Chat, where Mark & co-host Steffi Moreno listen through & comment on Elton John's entire discography... most of which came out long before they were born.


  • Ep. 18: 106 Titles to Never Give Your Songs Anymore

    05/01/2017 Duración: 01h16min

    In the second episode with special guest ACriticNamedKevin, we go down a long list I made as a songwriting exercise, argue about the new Bruno Mars album, come together to make fun of Simple Plan, and somehow end up riffing on Radio Disney charts. This one's a little more conversational, and maybe the better for it, // MY "BEST HITS SONGS OF 2016" VIDEO: / My Twitter: @SpinItReviews / Today's guest: @ACriticNamedKev

  • Ep. 17: A Good "CHANCE" He'll Sweep It

    15/12/2016 Duración: 01h12min

    Today I bring on YouTube pop music reviewer ACriticNamedKevin, mostly to talk about the 2017 Grammy nominations. We also touch on his casual face reveal, the show that made me nearly lose my voice the night before recording this, and sparkling water. // FULL TIMESTAMPS: 2:15 His Name Is Joe & other name-y topics / 7:30 “Kevin, big channel, over 3K subs” (other tangents in between) / 16:50 Springsteen superfan Kevin’s distaste for 1 particular classic / 27:10 Face reveals / 28:45 “What Have You Been Listening to Lately?” (Lemon Demon, D.R.A.M., The Beach Boys, Anthony Raneri) / 49:20 Grammy 2017 Picks & Predictions (full list posted on my Twitter this weekend)  // My Twitter: @SpinItReviews / Today's guest: @ACriticNamedKev

  • Ep. 16 (1st on iTunes!): Making Album Reviews Great Again

    01/12/2016 Duración: 01h54min

    Bringing back 2 of my favorite past guests, YouTube music reviewers Jon (ARTV) & Crash Thompson (The Rock Critic), to kick off this new era of the Mad Sounds podcast. We talk channel longevity & the differing ways they keep it, why I stopped doing reviews myself, and Train for some reason.Check out Part 2, where we play Cards Against Humanity, on my YouTube channel Spin It! Reviews, where all episodes are also available.TIMESTAMPS0:00 Seconds channels & introductions5:00 “What Have You Been Listening to Lately?” (xx, Thrice, Henry Rollins)16:30 Bad Religion, drummers leaving bands & the 1st bands we reviewed24:40 More “WHYBLTL”: comfort music, Bruce Cockburn & 80’s Rush32:45 My review origins & our birthday #1 singles42:55 “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REVIEWS?!?!” & my personal life51:30 Getting to the main topic. Also dick jokes.57:10 Breaking Down Billboard™ (aka pop’s distinctly 2016 problem)1:05:00 MAIN TOPIC: How to Keep a Review Channel Thriving w/ Jon & Crash(scripts, listening

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